Tax lawyers in Kitchener, Ontario, will soon be able to help you file your tax return faster.

In the coming weeks, the Ontario Taxpayers Association will offer its lawyers a set of free tax preparation software tools.

The tools, which are called Tax Prep Toolkit, are designed to help people prepare their taxes in a variety of ways, according to the association’s website.

“Tax preparation is an essential tool for every Canadian and it is essential that we all prepare our taxes correctly and efficiently,” said Jill Tarrant, the association chairwoman.

Tarrant said she believes the software tools will help many people get their tax refunds quicker.

“These tools will make it easier to get tax returns and they will help simplify tax filing,” she said.

“It’s going to be a big win for taxpayers.”

Tax preparation tools will be available from July 6.

The Ontario Tax Payments Association will sell them for $199, plus tax and shipping.

Tarrat said the association has received more than 300 calls from people seeking help with tax returns since the software launch.

The association said it’s hoping to see tax returns filed by the end of July.

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