Health insurance premiums are now set to soar as the economy continues to recover, and Americans are becoming increasingly frustrated with the fact that they have no control over their health insurance options.

The latest survey from a leading consumer advocacy group finds that 62 percent of Americans have lost a lot of money on their health plans, including $3,000 for a catastrophic accident or catastrophic illness.

But that number doesn’t include those who didn’t pay for their coverage and have paid for it themselves. 

The survey also found that 56 percent of consumers who lost their plans last year did so without an explanation, and the majority of those lost plans were insured through the Affordable Care Act.

While a majority of Americans said they believe that it is the responsibility of employers to offer insurance, the survey found that 52 percent of respondents felt that employers should be able to provide coverage for their workers without their consent.

This isn’t the first time that health insurance premiums have skyrocketed.

Back in 2009, when the financial crisis hit, it was estimated that premiums were up nearly 30 percent from 2009 levels.

That year, premiums were also up more than 60 percent from 2010.

But now, as Americans are paying more for their health care, the costs of coverage are out of control, especially for those who are sick or who have expensive medical conditions.

As the chart below shows, premiums have doubled every year since 2009, even as the cost of coverage has fallen.

The cost of health insurance is rising faster than inflation, which means that the costs are also rising faster for those making more than $75,000 per year.

For many Americans, the cost is so out of whack that they can’t afford the premium and pay the penalty.

While most people are able to pay the fine and avoid paying their own health insurance, a handful of Americans are able pay only a small portion of their premiums.

That’s where those who were previously on public assistance pay the most.

This chart shows the average premium for a one-year policy in 2017, based on the number of people who were on public aid and had coverage through the ACA. 

Source: The Bureau of Labor Statistics Obamacare premium is still way higher than inflation.

The new law is still prohibitively expensive for many Americans who can’t get affordable coverage. 

But the law is working for the vast majority of people.

The survey found some surprising statistics, like that 57 percent of those who lost a health insurance plan in 2017 have since purchased a policy. 

That means that those who have lost their insurance are not only being denied coverage, they are also paying more.

It’s hard to know how many of those people will be able afford the additional cost, but the number could be significant.

More broadly, the data also found, 60 percent of adults are paying their health premiums on a monthly basis.

So while that’s a lot, it’s still far less than the $400 premium that some people paid for their first health insurance in 2014.

In addition, 52 percent reported that their insurance provider did not tell them about their coverage loss.

That means that their employer was unaware of the change.

In this case, the insurance company likely did not know about the change because they didn’t notify the policyholder.

If they had, they would have been able to change the policy before they paid for the policy, which would have saved them a lot more money.

Obamacare also gave people the option to continue their coverage after a catastrophic event or catastrophic medical illness.

The law allows people to continue the coverage even if they have to pay more than the original amount they paid in the previous year.

The average cost for a two-year coverage plan in the United States is $7,500, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

That is significantly more expensive than most people could afford, and more than they were able to afford with their prior health insurance.

If you have an existing health insurance policy, you can keep it up until the end of the year.

This is a good option for those that have lost coverage in the past.

When you become a new insured, you are required to continue coverage until the start of the next year.

In 2017, more than 2.3 million Americans were enrolled in an ACA health plan, according the Kaiser family foundation.

That number is expected to grow, with more than 4.3 billion Americans receiving health insurance coverage through 2018.

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