This is a summary of the main points of the article, with the last part of this article (which deals with the transfer window) covering all the main areas of the transfer rules.

The table below contains a brief overview of the different transfer rules in the Premier League and the Championship.

In the next section we will examine the rules for transfers from outside the Premier league.

The rule for transfers between the Premier leagues can be found in Article 17 of the Transfer Regulation, as amended on December 18, 2020, and the rules governing transfers from the Championship are found in Articles 19 and 20 of the same Regulation.

All these rules apply regardless of the nationality of the player.

Article 17.

Transfer rules Article 17(1) No transfer is permitted for the purposes of the competition except for a player who has already made an offer to another club, or who has signed a contract to remain at the club.

(2) No player who does not have a transfer certificate or who is a non-UK national may leave the club in the course of a transfer.

(3) No non-British national may be substituted for a British national.

(4) No contract between a club and a player is valid for more than five years, unless the club agrees in writing to extend the contract.

(5) The club may make a change to the contract only if: the club makes an offer; and a decision to extend or renew the contract has been made by a qualified arbitrator.

(6) The player has not agreed to any changes to the club’s transfer offer or to the new contract before the club has made a decision.

Article 18.

Transfer transfer rules The rules governing transfer transfers between clubs are found on Article 19 of the Regulation.

The rules relating to transfers between Premier League clubs are contained in Articles 20 and 21 of the regulation.

Transfer transfers between Championship clubs are covered in Article 22 of the regulations.

All the rules apply irrespective of the identity of the club or player, irrespective of whether they are registered as clubs or not.

There are three types of transfer rules: those relating to players who are from a different league or are not registered as a club; those relating only to players from the Premier and Championship leagues; and those relating solely to players in the second tier of the Championship, which are not a Premier League club.

The main point to note here is that transfers from a Premier league club cannot be made unless the player has already signed a new contract with that club, in which case the transfer cannot be completed until that club has officially agreed to the transfer.

Transfer rule 3 applies for transfers involving players from a third tier club.

Transfer Rule 3(1)(a) A transfer may be made only if the transfer is approved by the Premier or Championship League.

(b) If the Premier has agreed to transfer, the Premier must grant the club a transferable licence.

(c) The Premier must approve any transfer if the player is a foreign national and the player meets all the conditions set out in Articles 21 and 22.

(d) The transfer must be made in the player’s name, unless that is agreed in writing by the club to which the player will be transferred.

(e) If a club has not made a transfer in accordance with this rule, the transfer must take place at the discretion of the Premier.

(f) The transfers must be completed within seven days of the completion of the contract between the club and the transferor.

The Premier may not approve a transfer that does not take place in accordance, and at the request of, the club which made the transfer or which has agreed the transfer, to take place within the specified time limit.

(g) A player must not be replaced by another Premier League player for a transfer unless: the player can no longer be considered to be eligible for a new transfer; and the Premier can legally do so.

The transfer can only be made if: all of the conditions in this paragraph are met; and any changes made to the player are agreed in advance.

(h) The agreement between the player and the club must include a statement that the transfer will not take effect until the transfer has been approved by both the PremierLeague and the clubs.

(i) If there is a transfer by virtue of Article 23(2) of the Regulations, the player must also agree that the Premier will not be able to make a transfer for the remainder of the season without the consent of the clubs, in order to allow the club time to complete the transfer for that season.

The statement must state the reasons for this.

Article 19.

Transfer regulations (1) The rule relating to transfer rules applies whether the transfer takes place at a club’s or a player’s place of work.

(a) If at the time of the signing of the agreement, the clubs are not in agreement over the details of the deal, the deal is considered to have been concluded without the knowledge or consent of either of the parties to the agreement.

The clubs must then agree to

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