Canada’s government has issued a tax guide that says it’s time for everyone to pay more attention to their taxes.

The government released the guide Wednesday as part of a push to improve transparency around corporate taxes, which has become an increasingly contentious topic in recent years.

The guide, which focuses on the tax treatment of personal and business taxes, says governments should use the “public trust” principle to help people understand how their taxes are being collected.

The guide offers guidance on how governments can collect, manage and share information about their taxes, including the kinds of documents that can be shared, how to choose the right information to share, and how to make the information easier to understand.

The guidelines also offer tips on how to use tax software to help users understand and report their tax information.

“Canada is a country of generous tax-payers, so it is critical that all Canadians understand their tax obligations and that the public trusts they make available to them are being protected and maintained,” said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a release.

“Taxes are not just a tax; they are also the responsibility of individuals and businesses, and that they should be shared with the public as efficiently and fairly as possible.”

The government says it encourages Canadians to look for, and report, information about how their personal and corporate tax information is being used, including their tax records and how much they are owed.

It also says it will continue to use “the public trust” concept in tax collection, which is the concept that individuals are the public trust in the tax system.

The prime minister said that, in order to better protect taxpayers, governments should:Provide Canadians with information about tax-collection techniques and strategies to make it easier to manage and report tax information, and to avoid unnecessary complexity.

Provide a means for tax-collectors to share their information with other stakeholders to help ensure that their tax collections are transparent and fair.

Make tax collection more transparent through the use of tax software and the creation of an online tool that allows taxpayers to file their taxes online and report them electronically.

Provided Canadians have a way to report their taxes electronically, and ensure that the information is kept up-to-date.

Provides guidance on tax software, including how to design software that can help Canadians understand and use it to help them better manage and collect their taxes and manage their tax liabilities.

The guidelines also provide guidance on the types of documents Canadians can report their personal taxes online, how they should format their returns, and what they should do when they receive an inaccurate return.

“We can’t do this without your help,” Trudeau said in the release.

“The Canadian public trusts you to make sure that we collect our taxes in the most transparent way possible.

This guide is just the first step.

It is a step toward better transparency for everyone, and we want to make that a reality.”

The guide is available at the following link:

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