If you’re paying the World Football Confederation (WFC) in cash, there’s a good chance you’re not alone.

But the money you are being asked to cough up isn’t for the tournament itself.

It’s for the salaries of the top 30 players and coaches from the country hosting the tournament, which are set to be revealed later this month.

It is also a way for players to fund the expenses of travelling and the accommodation they will need to stay in for the event. 

The WFC is in talks with a number of players’ unions about how to get the money they want, and in some cases the players’ union has already made it clear that the money will not be distributed evenly.

“The money will be distributed equally among players,” WFC president Gianluca Vialli said, “It’s like the cash they give to the players and the money the coaches give to players is equally divided.”

The players’ federation is also looking into whether it can get the cash it wants for players from overseas, who are expected to make up about 30 percent of the World Team.

“We are looking at this and are waiting for the result,” Giuseppe Gazzetta, president of the Professional Footballers’ Association of Italy, told L’Equipe. 

“We don’t know where it will go.

Maybe it will stay in the WFC coffers for the next World Cup, or maybe not.

Maybe we won’t see the money in Italy at all.”

If the WFA has to pay the salaries to the top players and a lot of the coaches, it will not necessarily benefit the players. 

But that is exactly what the players want. 

For a number players, including Milan’s Luca Toni and Inter’s Leonardo Bonucci, the money is a way to help them pay for travel and accommodation.

“I hope I won’t have to give it away in the tournament.

I hope I will be able to support my family and have my kids, and that is enough for me,” Bonucci said. 

If you can afford it, do you want the money? 

According to the WFP, the World Player Salary Fund (WPFB) is meant to be a vehicle to raise the salaries for players and provide financial support for the families of the players, coaches, and the players themselves.

The fund was launched in 2018 and is meant for players who make up 30 percent or more of the squads in the World Top League, the biggest domestic professional league in Europe. 

According the WPFB’s website, the fund aims to provide financial assistance to players and their families for the first and second years of their careers, as well as for players at the professional level who have reached the maximum wage threshold for the European Union, as defined by UEFA. 

 “There are also a number members of the WPPF who are not playing, because they do not have a salary and can only get some money through sponsorships,” WFP chief executive Raffaele Vini told LFP. 

WPPF is one of the biggest financial backers of the Italian Football Association (FIGC), the association that runs Serie A and the Champions League, and it is also responsible for the €2 billion that is being spent on the World Championship in 2018. 

What will the money be spent on? 

The WPFB has proposed spending the money on players’ wages, coaching salaries, travel, food, and medical expenses.

It also aims to increase the amount of money available for player’s salaries through the transfer market, through the recruitment of new players, and through the use of player loans, as the World Champions will be obliged to repay all of their money in 2018, with interest. 

When will the World Teams be announced? 

It will be revealed at the end of June, when the WTFC is due to announce the squads for the 2018 World Cup. 

Will the money really be distributed? 

As of the end on April 29, the WPF’s finances were at around €12 million, according to Gazzetta. 

There is no sign yet of how much money will go to the World Cups, and many of the members of WFP’s board of directors have already said they are unsure whether they will be receiving the money, or if they will receive the money from the World Championships, which is still to be confirmed. 

So what are the World Players? 

Italian Football Federation (FIGA) president Giuseppo Malaspina has already said that players will receive a total of €300 million from the tournament and will have to share it with their families, but the WPNB is less clear about what the money would be spent. 

Where will the funds come from? 

So far, WFP and the WPFF have agreed on a formula that will ensure that each country’s participation in the 2018 event is fair, as each country will have its own

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