NEW YORK, New York — New York State is proposing a universal health insurance program that would provide health care coverage for all Americans regardless of income, while at the same time lowering taxes and expanding Medicaid coverage.

The plan would create a state insurance program for the purchase of private health insurance, including coverage through Medicare, Medicaid, the state-run Children’s Health Insurance Program and state-funded family planning clinics.

It would also include the purchase and use of health care products and services that are not provided through the public health care system.

It has not yet been proposed to the state Legislature.

The bill, sponsored by New York Democratic Assemblyman Eric T. Fitzpatrick, is scheduled for a public hearing next week.

The state has long struggled to make health care affordable for the state’s working class and has been criticized for failing to offer coverage to the uninsured and low-income people.

The proposal to use a state tax credit would allow New York to provide a universal system for insurance that is affordable and will help people stay on the job, said Fitzpatrick, who represents the 1st Congressional District.

“The state needs to focus on fixing the underlying causes of our health care crisis, and not just try to fix it for the next election,” Fitzpatrick said.

The proposal to include a tax credit for health insurance would help offset the state income tax, which is set to go up by about $30 a year next year.

Fitzpatrick said that the state would pay for the program by using a formula that includes a state income-tax credit and state sales tax on the purchase price.

“I want to take away the incentive for people to stay on our health insurance plan,” Fitzpatrick told the Statehouse news conference.

The federal government has also taken steps to help New York address the health care shortfall.

In November, President Donald Trump signed an executive order to expand access to health insurance coverage, including to people who are uninsured or underinsured.

The president also recently signed an order that expanded Medicaid coverage to people living in poverty and expanding health care benefits to people with pre-existing conditions.

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