Business Insider/Andrew Parsons The double tax office, established in 2011, was originally meant to address tax issues faced by small business owners and their employees, including the high cost of filing taxes.

However, the office has also been used to investigate and prosecute tax evasion.

“We have taken a very broad approach to the double taxation,” said spokesperson Alix Gorman in an email.

“The office is looking at all the issues that we see in our community and taking the appropriate action.

We will continue to invest in the office and our community.”

The office has a dedicated staff, including a special tax team, who have worked on investigating tax evasion and have made recommendations to help address some of the issues faced in the community.

The office also works with the provincial government and other agencies to support small business.

In the past, the double tax offices was able to work collaboratively with the provinces and territories to make sure tax laws were adhered to and that the offices had the tools to address any issues.

The double taxes office has two offices: the corporate tax office and the personal tax office.

The corporate tax is charged by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business and is administered by the corporation tax office of Alberta.

The personal tax is handled by the provincial personal income tax office in Alberta.

In addition, the government of Alberta provides services for businesses to help them comply with their tax obligations, including by providing information about tax and other tax planning.

Both of these offices operate under the same policies and procedures.

The tax office has received more than 1,400 requests for information related to tax evasion in the past five years, according to Gorman.

In 2015, the corporate and personal tax offices issued more than 7,300 documents related to their operations.

In 2017, the two offices issued 1,731 documents related in a total of 7,622 cases.

The total number of tax requests issued to the two office’s for information in 2017 was nearly four times the number of applications received.

Gorman said it’s important to note that tax evasion is a serious matter that affects businesses, families and communities, and that there are significant gaps in the tax enforcement systems in Alberta and across Canada.

The Alberta government is working with other jurisdictions to develop additional information sharing programs to help small business and their staff.

The Canadian Federation for Independent Business has also supported the establishment of the Alberta government’s Corporate Tax Office.

The new office’s aim is to address the issues of double taxation and ensure that the public is aware of the government’s actions to tackle tax evasion, and the risks they pose to our tax system.

“It is imperative that businesses have the confidence that we are following the law and that our corporate tax laws are upheld, Gorman added.

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