With the launch of the Vans Malaysia Tax Course, the US-based brand is hoping to provide some much needed international exposure for the brand.

The course is an eight-week series in which students can learn how to calculate and report their taxes using the tax code, pay taxes online, and access tax information.

The courses was announced in June last year, and the company has now launched the new course on YouTube.

The video, entitled Malaysian Taxes, has already received over 1 million views and has now been viewed over 2 million times.

The company has been working on the course for some time, and has already invested in the development of the course.

“We know that people who are in the US want to learn about the US tax system and are looking for a tax software solution, so we felt it was a great opportunity to partner with an international brand to deliver a real-world example,” said Alex Toth, vice president of global product strategy for Vans.

“The Malaysians have the most progressive tax system in the world, so it’s a great idea to partner up with a brand that’s well known to Americans, so they can learn about it.”

The company says it will also offer a series of workshops in the United States, the UK, and Australia in the coming months.

The online course will be free, and you can register for it here.

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