In 2018, the Australian Taxation Office released new rules that allowed car rental companies to tax their rental income on the first $4,000 of the property’s value.

The rule, which came into effect on February 1st, allows rental companies, such as car rental company CPA and car rental platform RentBuddy, to tax the rental income of a rental property based on the value of the rental property.

This means that car rental businesses in Australia can now deduct up to $4 million of the value from their taxable income, which can potentially increase the value and therefore the tax liability of rental properties.

For example, a property valued at $4.7 million in 2018 would have a taxable value of $4 billion, which would leave a company with $2 million in taxable income.

The rule is an important step towards providing certainty to rental property owners, and it will benefit rental property operators by removing some of the uncertainty surrounding the GST treatment of rental income.

As the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has noted, it is not possible to know exactly how much rental income a rental business will be allowed to deduct on the GST-equivalent basis, and the rule will affect businesses across the country.

The Australian Competition & Consumer Commission has also flagged concerns about the impact of this rule on business owners who have been renting out their cars for longer than two years, or for businesses who lease out their properties for longer periods of time than two weeks.

The GST-exempt car rental business, which is not subject to GST, will not be allowed, but the owners will still have to pay the applicable tax rate and will be required to pay an additional tax on their taxable profit.

For businesses, this can mean a loss of profit if they are unable to recover their costs, and a loss to their customers.

The new rule also makes it easier for the government to manage the collection of car rental tax on the rental properties, by reducing the need for car rental property companies to collect and retain information on the owners’ incomes and their rental vehicles, such that they can better monitor the tax paid on rental property income.

This rule will also provide more certainty to car rental owners by reducing uncertainty surrounding whether rental income can be included in their rental property’s GST calculation.

For many car rental operators, the tax rate for a rental vehicle is not known at all.

The new rule will provide more information about the tax due on rental vehicles for car rentals.

This announcement comes after the government announced that it will continue to provide incentives to car owners to keep their cars, which will be available to new and existing rental businesses for up to two years.

This is an ongoing review by the Government to ensure that car ownership is an incentive for car renters to stay in the rental market, and to improve the tax treatment of the car rental industry.

The Government is also committed to making the rental of motor vehicles an incentive to remain in the industry and ensure it continues to attract rental businesses.

We will continue reviewing the tax rates and incentives offered to car renters across the market to ensure they are a competitive option for Australians, and we will continue working with the industry to ensure all renters are properly rewarded for their investment in a safe, reliable and reliable vehicle.

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