The Irish Ministry of Finance has updated its income tax definition, saying it is now a part of the Department of Finance’s Income Tax Definition (ITD).

In an announcement published on Monday, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection said it would also be a part.

The Department of Health & Social Protection’s income tax form is the only one that does not have a line-item for the provision of a tax refund.

The new ITD will be the most up-to-date on the Irish tax system, it said.

The Department of State issued guidance in March that clarified the definition of income tax to include the provision by an individual or entity of an income-related benefit.

Its guidance added: ‘The provision of such income-based benefit by an entity shall not include the payment of tax by a tax payer for the benefit, including a refund of the tax.

‘The definition of ‘taxpayer’ shall also not include a person who receives a payment for a benefit and has a right to refuse to provide that payment or has a duty to withhold it.’

The department added that it would be providing information on the tax refund provision to the Tax Commissioners, which it said it has the power to do on its own.

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