Posted September 25, 2018 03:16:23A new bill in the U.S. House of Representatives has the potential to drastically change how tax incentives for video games are handled.

Under the bill, gaming companies would no longer have to pay income taxes on revenue generated from their games.

Instead, they could pay a special tax on the sale of the game or add it to a developer’s income, which is already taxed at a higher rate.

That means companies like Valve, who are one of the biggest video game publishers in the world, and Nintendo, which also publishes a popular platformer, could get a tax cut if they release their games to the public.

This isn’t the first time this kind of loophole has been used in the past, though.

The U.K. government has used similar tactics to push developers to release games to developers, and a similar scheme was used to reduce sales of the Wii in the United States.

While these deals are popular with the video game industry, they also present a big opportunity for companies who don’t want to pay taxes.

As a result, the video gaming industry has a big incentive to use the loophole, said Dan Golding, senior research fellow at the Tax Policy Center, a progressive think tank.

“The gaming industry doesn’t pay taxes on any revenue it gets from its games, so it’s quite possible that the bill will incentivize them to use this loophole,” Golding said.

Golding is also a critic of the tax bill, noting that it does little to address loopholes that other industries could use to dodge their tax obligations.

“It’s not like there’s any incentive to get out of it,” he said.

“The bill is basically just a tax loophole that companies will just use to get their games out there.

And it’s not clear that it will have any real impact on the gaming industry, because there are no meaningful incentives to do so.”

While this loophole may seem innocuous at first glance, it’s a big deal for gamers and game developers alike.

The revenue stream from the sale and rental of video games can generate millions of dollars for game developers, but it also can be used to subsidize other industries that rely on revenue from gaming to survive.

For example, if a game company rents a game for a year, it could end up taking in a lot of revenue, but its owners will be subject to taxes on the money, which could then go toward a developer to help pay the bills.

In the case of games like Minecraft, the company could also earn a lot more money from rentals than it could from sales of its game.

The new tax bill would also significantly change how video games developers are taxed, because it would no long require video game companies to pay a specific percentage of sales.

Instead of paying the tax on a fixed percentage, it would instead pay a percentage based on the number of people playing the game.

This is much more favorable to developers because it means the games are less likely to be sold to consumers who don the same skill level as those who purchased them.

While the new tax would help video game developers and game publishers make a living, it also raises the question of whether it will work.

While the industry is already struggling with the fallout from a massive recession and the massive cost of healthcare, there is also the risk that the revenue won’t be there to cover the bill.

“That’s a very big problem with this bill,” Gold said.

The current law allows video game makers to pay no taxes on sales of their games, which means they can avoid paying taxes on some of their biggest revenues, like licensing fees and sales of games.

This means the companies that are most likely to benefit from the tax cuts could be the biggest corporations, with the largest profits and most powerful lobbyists.

If the tax bills succeeds, it will give gaming companies a huge advantage over other industries, because they will be able to take advantage of loopholes that exist in other industries.

It’s also the reason why Golding believes the bill could benefit some video game players.

“If you’re a gaming company, you don’t have a choice but to comply with the law, but if you’re not a gaming player, you have no choice but also to comply,” he added.

“So it’s very tempting for people to be willing to give up the ability to pay their taxes to get some tax breaks.

It’ll be a huge boon for video game and other developers.”

In the past few years, video game revenue has been growing at an impressive rate.

According to the Interactive Games and Services Association, total revenue from video games increased 6% in 2016, with $8.3 billion in sales.

That is a huge amount of money that is being put to work for gamers in the form of higher revenue for video gamers, as well as more free time for developers.

But as the industry continues to struggle with the recession and healthcare costs, there are concerns that some of the benefits from the increased

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