Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has asked to see tax documents pertaining to Nys annual income, but it remains unclear whether the request has been approved.

The prime minister, who has faced criticism for the tax policy, has previously been criticized for the lack of transparency in the Nys financial dealings.

Netanyahu has been asked to submit documents relating to Nies annual income for a possible parliamentary vote.

Nys finance ministry did not respond to the Times of Israel’s request for comment.

Netanyahu’s request is the latest indication of his administration’s growing frustration with the Nies tax affairs.

The Finance Ministry has said that the tax regime in the country is a major issue and that it is considering a public referendum.

Last week, the Finance Ministry said that a public vote on the tax system would not be held until the end of March.

The ministry also said that an interim report was already being prepared, but declined to elaborate.

Nies Finance Ministry did not immediately respond to a request for information about the delay in the tax vote.

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