There’s a reason why you might see a tax expert in a coffee shop: they know the best ways to cut taxes, and they know when they should.

And if you’re paying taxes at a higher rate than the average, it can be difficult to know which of the several different options is right for you.

That’s why the best way to save money is to understand what your tax situation is, and how to maximize your tax options.

Here are three tax strategies that might help.1.

Reduce your taxable income2.

Move your money to a tax haven3.

Pay more taxThe best tax strategy is to simply move your money out of the US, Canada, or EU, and into a taxhaven like Singapore, the Cayman Islands, or Bermuda.

There are several ways to do this: the more offshore you are, the less you pay tax in your home country.

But the main advantage of moving your money offshore is that you can avoid paying taxes in your new tax haven.

For example, if you earn $200,000 in income in the US and have $100,000 held offshore, you’ll only owe $200 in US taxes on that money.

You can also move that money into a low-tax offshore tax haven, such as Bermuda, which has lower rates than the US.

Moving money into low- or no-tax havens helps reduce your taxable salary and can help reduce your tax bill in the future.3.

Eliminate taxes and feesThe second way to reduce your taxes is to reduce the amount you pay in fees, taxes, or other forms of taxation.

For instance, if your employer has a $500 annual fee for you to fill out, and you don’t make enough to pay the fee, you can pay that fee in cash.

The same goes for corporate taxes, but if you are a sole proprietor and pay that corporation’s income tax, you’re probably not going to want to use that money to pay corporate taxes.

There’s also a $10,000 annual “excess interest” penalty for those who owe more than the 10 percent tax rate on their income.

If you pay that $10-a-year fee in a lump sum, it is considered “capital gains” and can be taxed at the full rate.

And that can be a big advantage for those of you who don’t pay much in taxes.

If you are not an employee, there are some other tax-advantaged options that you might consider.

One of them is to file an “electronic benefit transfer” (EBT) for your child or grandchild, which allows you to transfer cash to them to cover the cost of paying the tax bill.

For more information on EBT, see our article on how to file a tax return online.4.

Choose a tax adviserWhen you choose a tax advisor, you should first ask for a “tax adviser” rating.

This rating indicates how likely you are to benefit from his or her expertise, and also the fact that they can advise you on your best tax-efficient and tax-effective strategies.

An EBIT advisor is one who can provide you with specific advice on how your taxable return should be structured and calculated.

The IRS offers an online tax advisor assessment, which you can do online through a form, which the IRS will send you electronically.

The form includes the name, address, and phone number of the tax advisor who will assess your return.

For example, you might be able to find a tax consultant with a tax rate of 15% in a place like the UK or a rate of 9.99% in the Netherlands.

You might also be able find an adviser with a rate that’s below 15% with a ratesheet at a tax advice provider like TaxAct, which will send the forms to you via email.

The person you choose will then assess your tax return based on that assessment, and then you can submit your tax returns to the tax adviser’s office or pay a tax bill from there.

The tax adviser will then contact you to make sure you have all the information you need.

You may want to contact your tax advisor before signing a contract to have your tax payments transferred to him or her, or to make any other arrangements that may affect the transfer.

If the IRS requires that you pay your taxes, the tax returns can then be transferred to the IRS to prepare a tax refund.

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