What is corruption?

The term corruption is used to describe two things: 1.

The violation of the public trust, or the act of attempting to hide a fraud or deceit.


The failure to protect the public, or of not acting to prevent or prevent corruption.

It is the failure of politicians to protect their own interests.

When a politician has an issue, the media and the public can and do write to politicians demanding their help.

The media is free to use this as an opportunity to report on the corruption.

The politicians are not.

They don’t have the same freedom as the media, because they don’t know how to defend themselves against such media attacks.

When the media is attacking politicians, they are not taking the responsibility to be accountable.

They are taking the blame for what happened, for what they have done.

Corruption, however, is much more complex than the simple violation of public trust.

The issue is that corruption involves the misuse of public money.

The corrupt is the one who misappropriates the public money to do something he or she does not want to do.

Corruption is much bigger than the theft of public funds.

Corruption involves the abuse of public authority by politicians.

Politicians abuse public authority to achieve their own selfish goals.

Corruption has become so important in our politics that it is the most frequently used term in the dictionary.

It means the misuse or abuse of power.

Corruption does not involve the misuse and abuse of the power of others.

It involves the corrupt using their power to gain or maintain their own personal advantage.

It requires the abuse and misuse of power by the people themselves.

There is no one to judge what is right or wrong in politics.

We must judge what works and what doesn’t work, what is good for the country and what is not.

In this article, we will examine how corruption can happen, and how it can be prevented.

We will discuss the ways to fight corruption.

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