New Jersey has had a rough year, and it’s hard to ignore the state’s financial woes.

But even with the state budget being the most expensive in the country, Gov.

Chris Christie’s administration is making some of the state the most unequal in the nation.

That’s because, as Bloomberg reported, the state has one of the highest tax payments in the world, with a tax bill that was already more than $2 trillion when the state took office.

A recent study found that New Jersey’s overall average tax bill was $1,000 higher than that of the states that did not have a Democratic governor at the time of the study.

The New Jersey Public Interest Research Group, a nonpartisan group that tracks income and wealth inequality, estimates that the state government owes $3,600 for every household in the state.

And while New Jersey is on pace to get a $2.5 billion budget surplus next year, that doesn’t take into account the state income tax increase that was recently approved by the state legislature.

In other words, it is hard to think of a worse time to be living in New Jersey than right now.

In a state that has been struggling to balance its budget since 2011, the gap between what New Jersey taxpayers are paying and what their state is actually getting is getting wider every year.

It’s not just the income tax that is growing, either.

The state has also been struggling with a state income cap, meaning that all residents of the New Jersey will be required to pay income taxes to the state unless they work for the government.

That means that the government can’t make tax payments to its citizens until they’ve earned enough money to be able to pay them.

That is a problem, and that is why Christie, who is facing reelection this year, has made it a top priority.

The new revenue that comes from the income cap is supposed to help pay for the state infrastructure and other important government functions, but Christie has pushed the tax increase into the state budgets, even as the state is already one of America’s most unequal states.

Christie wants to raise the income ceiling from $250,000 to $350,000, but that’s only part of the problem.

The rest of the revenue will come from a new sales tax that will cost the state about $400 million a year.

While the sales tax is an important revenue source for the governor, he has also pushed it into the budgets of education and other state programs, which are not considered to be priorities in his administration.

New Jersey also has a state pension fund that Christie has been trying to push into the budget to help it pay for its public pensions.

But that hasn’t been easy, either, and as Bloomberg notes, “the state’s pension fund is on track to run out of money this year.”

New Jersey, which has a population of around 8 million, is one of just two states that do not offer paid sick leave, according to Bloomberg.

It is one reason that, while the state still has one the highest rates of private-sector workers leaving the workforce, New Jersey still has the highest number of workers who leave the workforce involuntarily.

And the state also has one in the bottom 20 of states that offer the most generous paid sick days.

A new report released this week from the New York-based Economic Policy Institute (EPI) finds that New York has the second-highest paid sick-leave rate in the United States, behind California.

New York’s paid sick pay, as well as other policies that disproportionately affect people of color and low-income workers, have led to a higher rate of leave absenteeism, according a report from EPI.

A similar report from the University of New Hampshire found that nearly a quarter of all state workers leave the workplace every year, with about half of these workers having to use their own transportation to get to work.

While there are some areas in New York where paid sick day policies have led the state to a greater level of inequality, it’s a long way from the $1.8 trillion in new revenue coming out of New Jersey that Christie and his administration have promised.

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