An audit by the Australian Tax Office into the state’s tax regime has revealed how the state collects about $10 billion in GST revenue each year.

The audit is part of a wider review of Australia’s taxation system and the country’s tax structure.

State and territory governments collect a lot of tax revenue.

But the audit found that the revenue generated by the state and territory tax system is about the same as the federal government.

There is a difference between a tax imposed by the federal Government and a tax levied by the states.””

The difference is in the degree to which the states tax and the federal tax are combined.

There is a difference between a tax imposed by the federal Government and a tax levied by the states.”

The audit found there were two main reasons for the discrepancy.

First, the states have to levy a GST tax.

It is a separate levy on goods and services and is administered separately from the national income tax.

Second, the GST is administered differently between states.

If the federal GST is applied to a consumer’s purchase of a car, then the states will collect the GST, regardless of whether the consumer purchased the car or not.

And the audit also found that when the states collected the GST they did so on behalf of the Commonwealth, which is charged an income tax of the same rate on goods manufactured by each state.

The audit also noted that the Commonwealth also has to pay GST on the cost of goods that are sold in the state.

So the audit said there was a significant gap in the amount of tax the states were collecting from the federal and state governments.

Mr Hockey said he had spoken to his Treasurer Joe Hockey, the Parliamentary Budget Office and the Auditor General.

A spokesman for Treasurer Joe Hensarling said the Treasurer had not seen the audit.

He said the audit did not reflect the amount or type of tax collected by the two governments.

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