I have been thinking about quitting my job.

I was in my early thirties when I first started my job at a major financial services company in Toronto.

I thought I was doing a great job, but when I went on maternity leave in 2006, I realized I was paying tax on income I didn’t earn, even though I did not file a tax return.

In fact, I was able to keep all of my income tax deductions even though my salary was taxed at zero.

At the time, I did very well, but I was not making enough money to pay income tax.

The situation made me very angry, so I decided to go to a tax lawyer and ask for a court order to change the rules.

I think it was the first time I had ever asked for a judge to grant such a thing, and I was shocked.

The lawyers were kind and helpful, and eventually I was granted a court date in September 2011, which I was told would take about a month.

It took me almost six months to get a court approval to file my income taxes.

I applied for the relief, and then in March 2013, I received a letter from the commissioner of tax and revenue saying my tax debt was now a debt of $7,000, and that my debt would be forgiven if I paid it in full.

The commissioner said that if I complied with the order, I would be able to take a break from work, and it would be worth $2,500 to me.

In January 2014, I applied again, this time for a $5,000 tax break.

That was the beginning of my career as a tax specialist.

I have never been able to get that money, and my tax debts continue to mount.

The tax commissioner said there was no need to write me a cheque, as I was already on my way out.

I am very proud of what I have done.

I never expected to be in a position where I would have a career in the tax industry.

I want to raise $3,000 for a new retirement fund.

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